Why a Second Blog?

ThinkingSmileyWelcome to my new blog: Random Musings

As described above, I am starting this as a complement to Cancer Research 101 so that I have an opportunity to share thoughts that are off-topic on the existing blog. Whereas Cancer Research 101 has a very defined subject theme, this one is going to be a bit more of a ‘free-for-all’, although I expect most posts to be in the realms of health, politics and society/culture in general. But you never know…

So, where to begin?

One always wants to start any new endeavour on the right foot so I thought long and hard about what to write about first. Indeed, I have been accumulating post ideas for some time now, but as is often the case, when push comes to shove, many of the ideas are either not all that interesting in the full light of day, or more likely, just aren’t timely any more. No point in writing about something that has a ‘limited shelf life’ several months after anyone out there cares about it…

That left me with three things at the starting gate:

  • My thoughts about the impending debacle of having quack hmmmscience aficionado Jenny McCarthy as a co-host of the ABC “news” show The View this fall;
  • My thoughts on the Government of Canada’s totally misguided market interference in the “wireless company wars” (can you hear me NOW?); and
  • My thoughts on the recent re-emergence of Dr. Chris Spence who resigned in disgrace from his post as Director of Educations at the Toronto District School Board over admitted plagiarism.

Of course, I decided to do all three, but not at the same time…

So, please see (later today) my first real post on the new blog: my take on the Chris Spence story. I will follow that up (quickly I hope) with the telco story and finish the trifecta by adding my voice to the “dump Jenny McCarthy” contingent.

Thanks for visiting my new blog and entertaining my ‘musings’. I hope that the lack of a defined “theme” does not alienate anyone. Mostly, I hope that some of my opinions and editorials resonate with you, or make you think, or even make you angry with me and want to shake me and say “what are you thinking?”

Feel free to engage no matter what your point of view.

But these are my stories and I’m sticking to them 🙂

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